With a head full of ideas, I would really love to do something about them.


  • Movement / Pop - Up

  • Sustainable Papers / Materials 

  • Surface Printed Paper

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Data Visulisation 

  • Shop Installation / Display

Working on some as collaborations would be amazing. Through social media I have got into great conversations and knowing how to make something more of them is tricky. 

So, I throw this page out there into the wild!

Maybe you are a scientist working on a crazy new algorithm and I can translate your data into a new pattern for your conference paper? 

Maybe you have a shop with a window and we can work together on an exciting install?! 

Maybe you are a sustainable papers company and would like someone to try out your new range (*hint hint*)?

You get the gist. My ears and mind are open ... drop me a line.