I love ... 

making things.

working with people who make things.

working with people who want to make things.












Quietly masquerading as the sharp.line.hunter my work is driven by a serious passion for laser cutting. I have always made small works as a personal creative project, but only recently shared them more openly. 

A member of the Paper Artist Collective I am in the company of some incredibly talented artists, and I highly recommend you check them all out!

Pursuing a career in the arts sector was always my intention. Fortunately, I caught the laser cutting and 3D printing bug whilst studying for an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking, and decided to work in industry instead.

Working in the engineering and design industry for the best part of 12 years, I help people design, develop, manufacture and launch great products. By day I work with a fabulously talented group of people at a Product Design agency in Bristol.  

This year I am speaking at the Response-ability Tech Summit, which will be looking at how we create technologies that don't exacerbate or reinforce existing social and economic inequalities.

You can find me over on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Co-founder of Zebera By Design it's a purpose led platform that seeks to utilise design in education. Working with young people at school, building confidence and sharing knowledge with the intent of solving real world problems, is a very exciting journey to be on.   

I have been a mentor on the Kerning the Gap programme. This is a community of like-minded people who want to see more diversity in the design industry, in an effort to close the gender gap.

Originally from London, I currently live in Bristol.

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