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Quietly masquerading as the sharp.line.hunter my work is driven by a serious passion for cutting and folding paper. I am drawn to the interaction of colour and shape, aiming to merge modern technology with handmaking.


Using three-dimensional elements to create textured patterns, I seek to create visually captivating compositions inspired by architecture and the details found within. 

Working in the engineering and design industry for the best part of 12+ years, I help businesses design, manufacture and launch products. I have always enjoyed working with physical materials and processes, and this translates into my creative work.

I work in the Industrial Design Industry in central Bristol, I am also a Churchill Fellow 2024 researching artificial intelligence in product design, and a Trustee at The Design & Technology Association in Oxford. 

Studies: MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking, UWE and BA Photography, Southampton.

I am a member Paper Artist Collective.

Originally from London, I currently live in Bristol, UK.

SLH_WIP 03.jpg


GF SmithDaler Rowney or Claire Fontaine 180gsm to 250gsm, with a smooth surface and solid saturated colour. 


Backing board, 380gm + 

Aleenes High Tack-Glue and a 3M Spray Mount


SLH_WIP 04.jpg

Do you sell your work?

Yes, message me. 

I post my most recent work on Instagram and I work with a great local framing company. 

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